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Can hemp be helpful for pets in pain?

Posted by Andrew Guilarte on
Can hemp be helpful for pets in pain?

Having a pet companion is one of the greatest joys of life! Our Pets become family and they make our lives complete in ways that just can’t be put into words. That is why most pet owners would do anything to not see our animals in pain. In this post we will discuss what makes Humbled Healing Companies 500mg pet drops different from the average CBD oil on the market, and what makes our drops so effective.




All of the Hemp we use at Humbled Healing Company is grown in a large greenhouse with air filters. We go this extra distance to protect all of our hemp from neighboring farms and the pesticides and chemicals that travel in the wind. We have also noticed that by protecting our hemp from harsh elements of nature allows for a much higher natural cannabinoid profile rich in terpenes and phytocannabinoids.


Our story


Humbled Healing company was started in 2013 with a mission to create hemp products that are very different from the average products on the market. For starters, we don’t use any concentrated extracts or isolates in any of our products. Instead we use the highest quality Hemp Flower (seedless Buds) that is grown from clone (never seed) in our protected greenhouse. We have proven over the last 10 years that using hemp flower in it’s natural form creates a synergistic product with high levels of naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids (THCA, THC9, CBDA, CBDV, CBD, THC8, THCV, CBN, CBC and many more that represent a true full spectrum product), as opposed to many full spectrum products on the market that do not contain all cannabinoids such as THC.


Is THC safe in CBD products? Will my dog or myself get high?


Our product’s contain the legal limit of THC. This amount of THC will not cause pets or people to feel “high” or “stoned”. Although you won’t feel the THC in our products, THC plays an extremely important role in the way cannabinoids are able to effectively work for pain in the body. THC signals proteins in our immune system, slowing white blood cell production and immune system response and as a result lowering inflammation in the body. This is why we always recommend using a true full spectrum product containing all of the natural cannabinoids in the natural amount they are found in high quality hemp flower.


Trusted reviews


At Humbled Healing Co. all of our products and all ingredients used are always:


Certified Organic

🔬 3rd Party Lab Tested

GMP Certified production

🇺🇸 USA Produced and Sold


For 10+ years in the hemp industry we have been helping thousands of families and pets find the relief they are after with the highest standard for the lowest price. Save 10% off your entire purchase with code: Humbled