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What makes a quality Hemp topical work well enough for Chronic pain?

Posted by Andrew Guilarte on
What makes a quality Hemp topical work well enough for Chronic pain?

Today we want to talk about what makes our Hemp products, especially our topical salves, so successful in a saturated industry.

Since 2013 we have taken a different approach to topicals than the traditional method that dominates this industry.

- The first major difference you will notice in our topical hemp salves is the color. Our salves have a rich dark color (green, orange and red), that comes from our extraction process. At Humbled Healing Company we use an abundance of certified organic herbs in every extraction; as apposed to using Essential oils only. This makes a major difference in the pain fighting properties available in every extraction.  

- Another major difference in the way we do things is how our herbs are extracted; we soak 12oz of each herb in organic Grape-seed oil for 48 hours locked at 120° low heat to ensure all pain relieving properties are fully extracted. This method turns the oil a rich dark color full of pain fighting properties that soothe the muscles for hours

- Last but not least on what makes Humbled Healing Co. very different than most Hemp companies is our CEO & lead extractor: Diagnosed with Lyme disease at 19 years old Andrew truly understands what it is to suffer from chronic pain that makes every day a struggle to do the minimum. Humbled Healing co products exist for more than 2 years before they are labeled and sold as products.

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